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Mesothelioma Patient Stories

When people share their stories two things happen: 1). It helps to describe our experiences and to process what has happened in our lives. It is an important part of the healing process. And 2). Our stories can help others in many ways. Sharing hard to find information, uncovering facts to help make decisions, learning what to expect as time goes on, and avoiding the mistakes others have made, can all contribute to being part of a sharing and caring community.

Judy Buckles Story

I lost my 53-year-old husband to mesothelioma. As my daughter and I kneeled beside his bed that day holding this frail hands, we prayed to God to take him home and release his living soul from the horrific pain which destroyed not only his dreams, but also his dignity, and most importantly his pride in being the strong man who had devoted his life to taking care of his family.

Lewis, my husband, was diagnosed on March 17 with mesothelomia, the only known cause of which is asbestos exposure. He had been a boilermaker for 30 years. He had worked at power plants, refineries, and various other sites that used the deadly products. He worked hard to provide for his family, not knowing his life would be taken by the manufacturers that hid the risks of their products.

Other Messages from the Community:


My husband was in the US Coast Guard for 14 years and during this time he worked on ships, in ship yards and we as a family were exposed to asbestos in housing when they renovating it. For the past two years he has been in increasing and excruciating abdominal pain and has continued to go downhill. He moans in his sleep and his legs shake constantly. He has high calcium levels in his blood and he is to have surgery tomorrow for what they think might be hyperparathyroidism. They think this will take care of his abdominal pain, but I feel it is not going to. His abdomen is so much bigger than the rest of his body and the doctor's can't really seem to find why he is in so much pain. How do I get anyone to listen and consider mesothelioma? does this sound like it could be what it is? I am watching him die right before my eyes and it doesn't seem like there is anything I can do. Any advice would be appreciated.

Effects of the pain medication?

They have my father on pain medication, oxicodone (I think that is the name) ...I believe 40 is slow reaction and the other is supposed to kick right in. His voice seems to slur and my mother said that sometimes his face starts to droop. I live 45 minutes from them and drive out in the middle of the night.. because she get so scared and calls 911 (they have been married 44 years) I don't blame her at all. She needs to be safe. The medics have been great and say that it is probably from the meds....I did agree with them at the time.

Did anyone have a family member whos voice really slurred from the meds? See, I am now starting to question if he might have a stroke. He says he is in so much pain......I have so many questions for the Doctor. If anyone has key questions I would appreciate the info? I am writing down things that I am learning from this site. This disease has just consumed our whole family. I just feel so bad for my dad and mom. She just lost her mother 6 months ago. Again, I want to pray for everyone because I know that this is not only happening to us.

Looking for information...

Hi Everyone,
My 64 father was just diagnosed with mesothelioma on Tuesday. He has an appointment with Dr. Sugarbaker this coming Tuesday, and I was just wondering if there are any questions we should know beforehand to make sure and ask? We are all so overwhelmed by this disease, and everything is happening so fast we just want to make sure our bases are covered. Are operations performed on persons his age? He is in excellent health. Has been a jogger, biker, and Appalachian Trail hiker up until this summer.
Any help you all could give us would be so appreciated....


Family's Encounter with Mesothelioma Published

A Must Read for Mesothelioma victims / families and those affected by cancer of any kind. To obtain a free copy, fill out the form below and specifically request the book.

mesothelioma bookLean on Me: Cancer Through a Carer’s Eyes”, by Lorraine Kember, is a powerfully moving and inspirational true story of a courageous man’s battle with mesothelioma cancer and his wife’s emotional journey as she supports him throughout his ordeal.

Interspersed with diary excerpts and poems she wrote along the way, this very personal account depicts the depth of their love for each other, the sense of helplessness she experienced at the time of his diagnosis, and her growing strength as she comes to realize that there is much she can do to improve the quality of his life.

Understanding pain, pain management, and symptom control is detailed throughout, and insights into chemotherapy, palliative care and the benefits of dying at home are explored. This book provides hope and strength for mesothelioma patients and their families.

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